Andrew Philippou

We recently used Occasionally Suited for our wedding and I feel more than happy to leave a glowing review.
I must admit, at first I was apprehensive about hiring suits for our wedding. I wondered whether the suits would look brand new and have that same “freshness” as they would if you purchase them. Well, I can honestly say the suits looked amazing! So good in fact, I wonder why anyone would feel the need to go and spend so much money buying suits when you can hire them for a fraction of the price, and they still look perfect.
The team at Occasionally Suited were excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. I felt completely safe and confident that we would receive our suits on time and they went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and secure and that everything would go to plan.
I would describe the whole fitting process as enjoyable, it didn’t feel laborious, we all had fun and overall it was a great experience.
They also understood that as the groom, I needed a day or two after the wedding to come back down to Earth and get everything together and take the suits back, and they never put any pressure on me and were more than accommodating.
The whole thing was a very good experience, and if you are planning on using Occasionally Suited for your wedding hire, I can guarantee you, that you will feel happy and satisfied with the service. Thank you Occasionally Suited for helping this area of my wedding run perfectly smooth!